Southwest Flight 2279/23

Southwest Airlines Flight #2279
Depart Los Angeles (LAX) at 07:35 AM
Arrive in Houston (Hobby) (HOU) at 12:50 PM

Southwest Airlines Flight #23
Depart Houston (Hobby) (HOU) at 01:25 PM
Arrive in Birmingham (BHM) at 04:05 PM

Flying Southwest on a Monday morning can result in one of the most stressful days of traveling. The security line at the Southwest terminal at LAX on Monday mornings flows outside, literally. The weather in SoCal is nice enough that it usually isn’t a problem, but it can be scary if you get to the airport a bit late. Sometimes a Facebook “friend” will upload a picture of a long security line at the airport, 9 times out of 10 it’s the Southwest terminal security line. Anyway, today the line wasn’t so bad. So getting to the airport a full 2 hours before departure resulted in plenty of time to relax at the airport. I’ll take a stress free check baggage / security line any day, even if it would have been nice to sleep in just a few minutes longer.

For the first time in many years I’m on what I will refer to as the “Southwest” layover. My first flight is from Los Angeles to Houston. After a 35 minute layover I’ll board a flight from Houston to Birmingham, with a stop in New Orleans. However, because it’s a “Southwest” layover, I won’t actually get off the plane. Travelers going to New Orleans will get off the plane, travelers going to Birmingham will get on, and then we’ll depart once again. From what I remember this usually happens pretty fast and I’ll have a chance to stretch my legs on the plane.

This is now my 3rd straight spring season with lots of travel, usually in the 8-10 weeks of travel category, this year included a few extra weeks though. The first one I enjoyed as it was new and exciting. Last year was in between as I went to the same places, but also one new destination. This year was tough and tiring. What made the flights a bit more bearable was the occasional purchase of an item to make the flying part of traveling less uncomfortable. First came the iPad last spring. Then came the Bose noise-cancelling headphones earlier this year. A few add-ons were mixed in, like the iPad case and stand, which has made typing these posts enjoyable. Today I added a new travel gadget to by bag. Well, it’s not so much a gadget, doesn’t actually fit in my bag, and is easily the cheapest of the items I’ve purchased at just $25. It’s a neck pillow from Brookstone. I’m not sure if it’ll make flying more bearable but am willing to give it a try.