Does Joker36 have a twin?

Being a big NY sports fan and not having easy access to the NY sports on TV – unless I pay for the Directv Sports package and season passes for baseball, basketball, and football – I spend a lot of time reading the NY papers online.  Lately, I’ve been spending time each morning reading Alan Hahn’s Knicks blog on Newsday.  The last few days I’ve noticed something interesting going on over there, outside of having a boat load of comments since before the NBA draft, apparently the site had over 40,000 hits in a single day last week.  For comparison, the most hits this site has ever received in a single day is a measly 49.  Anyway, I digress.  There are apparently 2 people that comment using the handles “K” and “Joker36” on the Knicks blog.  Now, I’ve posted a few times on the blog, but not recently, I just like to read the comments on the site since there’s a limited number of haters there.  And it’s not so farfetched that there’s someone else out there using that handle considering a lot of names start with the letter K.  But, as far as I know, Joker36 – from this blog – isn’t much of a basketball fan.  At least not enough to add comments to the Knicks Fix on Newsday.  Am I missing something, is there some sort of background to the Joker36 reference that I’m missing?  How is it that 2 people that may or may not know each other – or be the same person – post using the same off the wall handle.  Joker, where you at, enlighten me!