Bad day to be a #2 seed.

The 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament is now complete and things don’t look great so far, but that can be said for a lot of people this year. How surprising was it for two #2 seeds to go down on the same day. Just having one #2 seed go down in the round of 64 hasn’t happened in over 10 years, then to have it happen twice on the same day! I picked only 20 of the first 32 games and have lost 3 Sweet 16 and 1 Elite 8 teams. The Final Four teams are still in tact, which is a good sign, but only time will tell.

4 thoughts on “Bad day to be a #2 seed.”

  1. Here’s hoping that continues today…I think my Seminoles would have a better matchup with Gonzaga than Ohio State!

  2. It seems you’re counting your eggs a round early. FSU has to get by Cincinnati first, which I’m predicting will not be the case. Full disclosure, I’m a biassed Big East fan, so take that with a grain of salt.

  3. K – you and I know it’s really not a worthwhile bracket unless it’s got Hofstra and Scranton in it!!

  4. Too bad there’s no bracket available on CBS Sports for D-III basketball. The Scranton Royals made all the way to the Elite 8 this year!

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