The 90’s version of Pandora

It’s become common for me to enter a little comedic reference to Joker being behind the times, specifically when referencing the Sony Walkman. Most of the time I’m exaggerating the extent to which he’s behind the times… or so I thought. Yesterday Joker sent me an email to explain. He started with this:

I feel obligated to share a picture of the stereo console in my car from yesterday morning. The first pic shows how music was meant to be listened to in a car… on a cassette!

Notice the cassette / CD option he’s sporting these days!

He followed that up with this:

What tape exactly am I listening to these days? That’s the second pic… it’s my own homemade mix of Cheap Trick… my very own ‘Pandora’ if I say so myself. And to drum up complete sentimentality, check out the date that I created such a fine greatest hits mix in the lower right hand corner of the case… ’92 baby!

It’s hard to make out the date, but I’m going to take his word for it. Just to rub it in a little bit, I’ll note that I was 16 then.

I’m wondering what sort of technology Joker used to take these pictures and how he managed to get them into an email.

Either way, thanks Joker. You made my day.