It’s only been a couple of weeks since I moved the self-hosted WordPress blog to, but I’m already liking all the nifty tools that make it easier to blog. It’s not just the nifty tools, but the tools seem to interact better on Well, now WordPress has added another tool to the mix. Apparently someone’s been snooping around my site from the Netherlands! News

If you’ve ever wondered where on Earth all the visitors to your site are coming from, this feature is for you!

Mosey on over to your My Stats tab on the homepage:

…and check out the brand new “Views by Country” panel.
Now, you can see at a glance exactly which countries comprise your audience:

When you click on or hover over a country name, the map zooms in so you can really get a feel for all the parts of the planet your content has reached:

The Summaries page shows you country stats for the previous week, month, quarter and all time, but keep in mind this feature is new and views by country are not available prior to March 2012:

We are tremendously excited to be working on new features like this for your My Stats tab.  Stay tuned for the next evolution!

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