iOS App Review: TuneIn Radio

My brother and I recently purchased my mom an iPhone 4S to replace the still useful Motorola Razr. She liked the Razr as it did everything she wanted/needed, but obviously likes the iPhone even more. Since I’m constantly trying to find topics to write about on the blog, and with the iPhone and iPad being a big part of my life, I’ve decided to write a post about an app I’ve been using. This review is obviously available to everyone on the web, but will be written with my mom in mind so she can give the app a try. I’d write this for Joker36 too, but he’s still using cassette tapes in his Sony Walkman. The app being reviewed may have recently been added or something I’ve been using for a few months. I even set a reminder on the iPhone to remind me to write a post at least every month. Since today is the 8th of the month, the reminder is set to notify me on the 8th of every month, but the timing may change from month-to-month. So, without further ado, today’s app review is for TuneIn Radio.

There are a bunch of music apps for iOS devices. I currently have 7 music apps installed on my iPhone, including the built in Music app and Pandora. But I seem to find myself wanting to listen to the radio every now and again. Maybe I’m just a little old school and prefer listening to the radio to keep up with new music. Well, a little over a month ago I found this free app called TuneIn Radio… and it has become my most used app since. TuneIn Radio has an extremely large selection of radio stations. Stations can be sorted by genre, location, or language. It can also find local stations based on where you are using the built in location services in iOS. The stations available span the whole world too. When I want to listen to some Greek music, I navigate through By Location – Europe – Greece. From there I can view stations from major cities like Athens, Thessaloniki, or the Greek Islands. Or, I can just select the most popular stations. I can do the same to find stations I grew up listening to in NY. However, I was a little disappointed to find that sporting events are not streamed. If I want to listen to a Knicks game I actually have to purchase the NBA app. When I find a station I like, I can set it up as a preset station, similar to the radio in the car. Speaking of car radio’s, why is it that they limit the number of stations that can be preset?! It really doesn’t make sense to me, especially with in-dash radios having so much capability nowadays. Anyway, I digress. Since TuneIn Radio streams music, I only recommend using it when connecting to a wi-fi connection, not when out and about with only the cellular service available. You can easily go through 100 MB of a 250/300 MB plan by listening to streaming music for just a few hours. There is an option within the app to turn off Cellular Data streaming by going to Settings – Advanced. So, when you’re ready to get started, just open up the App Store, search for TuneIn Radio, make sure you find the free version, and download.

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  1. Thank you ,Kosta mou! I do love my i phone. Since we’re talking about “i s”( iPhone,iPad,iPod) I checked out the new iPad. OMG It does everything ,chat, video pictures,ereader….I’m going to have to wait a little bit.I know!

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