Fantasy Football – Week 10 Results

There’s nothing more frustrating than making a roster decision that backfires. The Konmen lost this week by 15.5 points. The difference between Ryan Mathews (starter – 5.7 points) and Chris Johnson (bench – 23.4 points) was 17.7 points. So, if I didn’t make the decision to replace Johnson, my first found draft pick, with Mathews, I would have won last week by 2.2 points. Instead the Konmen are now 5-5 and on the outside looking in on the playoffs. There’s still time to turn things around, but with only 3 regular season games left, there’s no time to continue making bad roster decisions.

Team Konman retained a 2 point lead in Football Pick’em, but it wasn’t pretty as I had 8 incorrect picks. As I said in the week 10 preview, this was a tough week to make picks. Overall I finished in 20th place this week.

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