Browser Wars

Over the past few days I’ve come across a few topics in the browser war category. To start, last night I downloaded the new version of Safari (for Mac). At first I was impressed with the new “Top Sites” functionality. It uses a similar concept to Cover Flow in iTunes to show the top sites the user visits. After that, there wasn’t much that it did beyond what I already get from Firefox. One thing I did notice was that it’s a memory hog. With 5 tabs open Safari was using just under 600 MB RAM. I quit Safari and opened Firefox, my usual web browser, opened the same 5 sites and noticed it was using less the 200 MB RAM. That’s a big difference. Safari still doesn’t have extension capability, which is another downfall.  Although it’s installed on my Mac, it get’s about as much use from me as IE does when I’m using Windows.

And then, earlier today, I read this and got a good chuckle.  Apparently Microsoft is proposing an option to the European Union to sell Windows 7 without Internet Explorer because of antitrust regulations there.  This raises the question, how does one surf the net without a browser installed with the OS?  Constumers would have to use a second computer, download a browser, transfer it to the new computer using a CD or flash drive, then install.  Sounds backwards to me but, then again, it does seem the European Union is taking this a bit far.  IE is no longer the lone browser and anyone that uses their computer even the slightest bit knows there are other browsers available that are better than IE.  Even with Safari and IE installed during the default installation on my computer, I still use Firefox for both Windows and Mac.

A few side notes, WordPress v 2.8 was released last night and updated on this site today. If you follow me on Twitter or over on the right side of the blog, you probably knew that already.   The best part was updating the site from the admin panel using my iPhone.  It’s a luxery, I know, but still fun to talk about.  Speaking of Twitter, it has recently moved ahead of Facebook on my online priority list, both are still way behing the website.

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  1. All I got out of that post was that I learned a new word from K …

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